Notepad Program 2

Here are the harder stuff in notepad...

Make sure that you read the last article are they may be some stuff that you don't understand...

1.We will learn about substitutes...

                 You will type:" set /p " after you type whatever word you want but do not put two words or it wont work...

                  Remember what you wrote and type that after the set /p: hello= (I wrote hello but you can write whatever you want)

Than put: if %hello% = yes goto hello2(I wrote hello2 but you can write whatever you want...)

               If %hello% = no goto home

Now try this code below:

@echo off


color A2

echo Welcome guys


echo there you go:

Do you want to continue:   (write yes or no)

set /p hello =

if %hello% = yes goto hello2

if %hello% = no goto home



title Continue

color B5

echo your done!


then save it as a .bat file...


Also if You want to learn the command to shutdown your computer just enter the following in the command prompt: shutdown -s -t 21(In red is the number of seconds that when you enter the command it will shutdown. I put 21 but you can put whatever you want)

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