Notepad program 1 (basics)


For me programing in notepad is the easiest and the best to start programming because:

  • It is not so complicated

  • We (mostly all) all have the program needed to make it

  • You cannot make a lot of thing but it is the good place to start

Now let me show you the basic on Notepad programmation:

1.Open a new notepad documment.

2.start all your program with "@echo off"

3.Write "echo" in the beginning of every lign were you want to put text.

4.Put "Pause". That will say "Tap a key and the program will continue... This make that your program don't close.

5.Put "cls" So the program erase all what was writen before

This is all for the basic of programmation in Notepad. See the next article to see the harder stuff...

6. Let's talk about tile you can write title under your @echo off and write your title program

7. Have the color: you have different type of color. You write color under your @echo off or under title if you put one...

after you write color tap once on the spacebar and put a nuber and a letter followind the code below:

Letter are the font color and nubers are the background color


A= light green                                                             1=dark blue

B=blue                                                                        2=green

C=red                                                                          3=blue-grey

D=pink                                                                         4=brown

E=yellow                                                                        5=red

F=white                                                                          6=Kaki

                                                                                      7=light grey


                                                                                       9=light blue

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